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Acetic acid 10% Aqueous + – s u o ––––– %e 0 u 5 q d A i c a c i t e c A Acetic acid 80% Aqueous 4 IPEX Chemical Resistance Guide for ABS + Resistant * Likely to be Resistant O Unlikely to be Resistant – Not Resistant No data available 20ºC (68ºF)

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The chemical resistance of Ryton® PPS is well known to be outstanding, even at elevated temperatures. However, being an organic polymer, PPS can be affected by some chemicals under certain conditions. Over the years, we have accumulated a large database

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Chemical Resistant Gloves Guide Oxford University The following table gives recommended materials for chemically Nitric acid 30% Br Nr Ne Ni Pe Pvc T S Nitric oxide T Nitrobenzene Br Pva T V B O Octafluoroadipic acid Br Nr Oxalic acid Br Nr NeP Nr Ne

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strong acids such as hydrofluoric and nitric acids, organic solvents and oils. ECTFE surpasses PVDF in resistance to strong bases and is the best material for handling sodium hypochlorite even at high temperatures. ECTFE is not resistant to hot amines

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…vacuum pump are durable and chemical resistant. All contact surfaces are PTFE coated. They come with a liquid inlet trap and vacuum regulator making it a perfect choice for vacuum filtration, desicion, and other mid-range vacuum appliions. The TLD5000

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Nitric Acid Nitric acid is another example of an environment that can cause general corrosion. Since this acid is oxidizing, alloys with higher chromium are expected to provide improved resistance. Materials that may be considered for nitric acid service are


30/5/2019· POLYVINYL CHLORIDE (PVC) CHEMICAL RESISTANCE DATA R – Generally Resistant C – Less resistant than R but still suitable for some conditions N – Not resistant P a g e | 1 CANTEX INC.Chemical Resistance Guide for PVC 73F 140F 73F

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Chemical resistance will be adversely affected by elevated temperatures. IMPORTANT: It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the suitability and safety of Saint-Gobain tubing for all intended uses, including establishing the compatibility of any fluid with the tubing through which it is transmitted.

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Need to know which Urethane has the best oil or chemical resistance for your appliion? Nitric Acid 4 4 Nitrobenzene 4 4 Nitrogen 1 1 Oleic Acid 1-2 2 Oxalic Acid (5%) 1 1-2 Oxygen 1 1 Ozone 1 1 Paints 1-2 2 Palmitic Acid 1 2 Perchloric Acid 4 4 3-4 4

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Chemical resistant ducting is a key element of the proper extraction of corrosive fumes from a fume cupboard. Like the fume cupboards, the ducting is best constructed from plastic as it provides the greatest resistance to corrosive fumes and noxious gases.

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When transferring harmful or toxic fluids in your chemical appliions, you need to trust the best in the business. Gates Acid Chemical hoses are designed to withstand the most corrosive fluids, toughing out highly acidic alkaloid fluids, hazardous waste, solvents

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Chemical Resistance Guide This Chemical Resistance Guide is based on numerous resources and is believed to be accurate and reliable to the best of our knowledge. It is intended to be used as a guide in selecting materials for appropriate chemical compatibility.

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Chemical Resistance Chart (For Glove Material Selection) Page 1 of 6 CHEMICAL MATERIAL SELECTION Latex Nitrile Vinyl / PVC Neoprene Acetaldehyde Good Good NR Very Good Acetaldehyde 99.5% Good Fair NR NA Acetic Acid Very Good

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Fuel Oil Poor Fair Excellent Gasoline Poor Fair Excellent Hexane Poor Fair Excellent Detergents Good Good Good Hydraulic Fluid Excellent Good Excellent Hydrochloric Acid 30% Fair Good Excellent Hydrofluoric Acid 30% Good

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Formic Acid, 50% E Mineral Oil E Sodium Hydroxide 50%-Sat. E Formic Acid, 98-100% E Nitric Acid, 1-10% E Sodium Hypochlorite, 15% E Fuel Oil E Nitric Acid, 50% E Stearic Acid, Crystals E Gasoline E Nitric Acid, 70% E Sulfuric Acid, 1-6%

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Even within hose temperature limits, end fittings and hose size can affect performance at higher temperatures. Service Conditions: A rubber compound usually swells when exposed to a chemical. Within a given percent of swell, a hose tube may function satisfactorily if the hose is in a static condition, but may fail quickly if the hose is subject to flexing.

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Acid resistant but not oil resistant. Neoprene CR Chloroprene (Perbunan-C) Excellent weathering resistance, flame retardent, good oil resistance and good physical properties. Nitrile (Buna-N) NBR Nitrile Butadiene Excellent oil resistance, moderate resistance to

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Nitric acid conc. 65 23 4 4 4 Nitric acid deluted 10 50 2 1 2 Nitric acid fuming 100 20 4 4 4 Nitrobenzene 50 414 Nitroethane 224 Nitrogen 111 Nitromethane 124 1‐Nitropropane 23 314 Octadecane 441 Octanol 212 Oil 1 (ASTM No1, ISO 1817) 100 3 4 1 Oil 2

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Acid resistant EPDM tube, not oil resistant. Cover is heat, ozone, weather, and acid resistant. Carcass is braided synthetic yarn. CAUTION: Coupling alloy and gasket must be compatible with chemical being transferred. Refer to chemical resistance chart for


Excellent ozone, weathering and acid resistance. Good abrasion and heat resistance. Can be compounded for good oil resistance. Polyurethane AU Polyester urethane Excellent abrasion and wear resistance. Not resistant to hydrolysis. Viton FKM Fluorocarbon

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Nitric Acid Corrosion Resistant Polymer, Specialty Metal and Alloy fasteners Iso Corrosion Curves: Hastelloy C22 Hastelloy C276 Nitric acid is an oxidizing chemical, which makes it particularly difficult to handle. Zirconium, Hastelloy B series alloys, and in high concentrations, even Hastelloy C276 will experience corrosion failure in the presence of a strong oxidizer like nitric acid.

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While polypropylene is highly resistant to many chemicals at room temperatures, its chemical resistance Nitric Acid (20%) A2-Excellent Nitric Acid (50%) B-Good Nitric Acid (5-10%) A-Excellent Nitric Acid (Concentrated) D-Severe Effect Nitrobenzene B1

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Made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber, Duratuf Nitrile Rubber Sheet are black colored rubber sheets, and as already mentioned it is a rubber sheet made from a copolymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene.The Nitrile Rubber Sheet manufactured by us are resistant to any kind of fuel and oil, especially petroleum-based and mainly includes petrol, LPG and diesel.

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Silicone rubber’s excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen and UV rays make it a popular elastomer to use in outdoor conditions. For extreme temperature appliions, it is nearly imperative to buy silicone rubber since it is the only readily available elastomer than can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -103 degree Fahrenheit without drastically losing stability.


CHEMICAL RESISTANCE TABLE Page 4 of 14 % oC PA6 /PA66 PA 12 POM-C POM-H PET HDPE2025 Partially resistant Partially resistant Resistant CHEMICAL NAME Benzoic acid, C 6H 5COOH saturated 25 Non resistant Partially resistant Partially